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Sunday, 14 April 2019

Easter around the world!

How is Easter celebrated around the world?
Article 1!
Article 2!
Article 3!

Easter around the world!

Strange Easter traditions!

President's Obama message!









Easter eggs and bunnies!

Watch the video! Let's see how much you remember!

Even more articles for further information!

Fun Activities!
Fun activities 1!
Fun activity 2!
Fun activity 3!
Fun activity 4!
Fun activities 5!
Fun activities 6!
Fun activities 7!
Fun activity 8!
Fun activities 9!
Fun activities 10!


Vocabulary Activities!

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Interesting Videos!

A wonderful dictionary!
Click HERE to see it!

TED-Ed YouTube channel!
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Cool experiments!
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NASA television!
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Science videos and more!
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Highlights Kids!
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Brain Games!
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Interesting videos!
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Audio Books!
Click HERE !

Click HERE to watch videos and play games!

PBS Kids!
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Click HERE to watch videos and play games!

Origami for Kids!
Click HERE to make wonderful parer crafts!

San Diego Kids Zoo!
Click HERE to watch videos, play games and learn all about animals!

Wonderful stories!
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National Geographic Kids!
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American Museum of Natural History!
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Read-along Storybooks!
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Climate Kids!
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Are you interested in Physics?
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Watch! Watch! Watch!
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Read books!
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