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Sunday, 20 May 2012

We watched a video about the life of Alexander the Great.

Alexander the great was the king's of Macedonia son. When his father died, He covered the throne at the age of 12. He was educated by a philosopher, Aristotle. He conquered countries with his best horse, Bucefalus. He cut with his sword the Gordian knot that anyone else had managed to do it. He killed his friend and a few years later he died suddenly in Babylon.
Flora & Elpida B1B

At the age of 13, he became a prince. With his army he conquered many places. At the place of Tyre, the people made a statue on his honour. In addition, he had solved the Gordian knot and he used his mind to solve it. He cut it with his sword. He killed his friend because he told him that he wasn't the only one who conquered cities. He died at Babylon because of getting sick.
Jason, Ellie & zanis B1B

Alexander the Great was the son of the Macedonian king Philippos. When he was twenty years old, his father died. So he took the throne. He wanted to conquer the world. He became the greatest commander of Greece and he died from malaria.
Aldo & Stamatis B1A

Alexander the Great was brave. He conquered Turkey and he untied the Gordian knot. He conquered Egypt and the Nile river. He built Alexandria in Egypt. He died in Babylon.
Theodore & Chris B1A

Alexander the Great became one of the greatest heroes in ancient Greece. He was a Macedonian king. He worked with his parents in everything. He was a good killer. He killed his friend.
Panagiotis & John B1A

Alexander the Great never lost in a fight. He was a Macedonian king. He untied the Gordian knot. He killed his friend. He was a hero.
Deppy & Rafaella B1A