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Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Hobbies are good practices of a human that lead to the improvement and enhancement of one’s personality. Hobbies keep a person busy and so he has less scope to go for something bad, or waste his time. Hobbies even make a person more creative and talented. Talent cannot be gained just  by going to school. Only when we touch more and more creative hobbies, we can possess more talent.

Why should we take up a hobby?
Other advantages of hobbies!
Some general ideas for hobbies!
If money is an issue, here are some ideas to have fun for free! Even more ideas!
How can we find a hobby that we like?
You can also take this quiz or this quiz to help you find one! 
Write about your hobby!
What is it? Describe it! What do you get out of it?

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Planet Earth!
How do humans destroy the environment? Here are 10 ways !
Why should we care about the environment? Here are 12 reasons !

The three "Rs" that can change our lives and future on this planet!
Reduce   Reuse   Recycle

Is recycling worth all the fuss?
Think Green!
Recycle City! 
Quizzes and Videos by National Geographic!
 A game!
Game 2!
Game 3!
Game 4!
Game 5!
Game 6!
Game 7!
Game 8!
A great song!

What have you learnt and what is your opinion?

Monday, 12 May 2014

Shocking videos! The cruelty is unimaginable!

First let's learn the difference between the words we use! 
The threats ! Even more threats !
The animals that we have lost for ever!
What can be done to protect animals?
game about biodiversity!

Write about an endangered species!
Find information and photos. Upload them on your canvas.