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Monday, 24 April 2017

B1b Wishes & quantifiers!!

Wishes Video 1

Hope Vs Wish Video 2

Wishes (present, past, future) Video 3
A song!

If only / I wish ...1
Wish and regret 2
Choose 1
Choose 2
Choose 3
Choose 4
Choose 5
Choose 6
Write a sentence using "wish".


Video 2

Video 3

Revise count and uncount nouns. Watch and count here

Watch the video and do the activities here


B1A! Accommodation and holidays!

Listen to a student discussing accommodation and asnwer the questions.

Listening 1

1  Students should arrange their accommodation for September in…
2  Now it is…
3  Marcel cannot stay in university hall in September because…
 it is too expensive for him.  
 he will be a 2nd year student.  
 there aren’t any places left.  
4  Marcel dislikes the room on Old Road because…
 talk to his friends about sharing a house  

Read the article below
Hotel reviews

Write a report deciding which hotel would be the best for you and your family.
POST your ideas here

Saturday, 22 April 2017



What is bullying?
Let's watch and find out.
Read this article and find out.
True stories!
How informed are you?

Post it on this CANVAS!