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Monday, 26 September 2016

Why do we read Shakespeare´s plays 400 hundred years after his death? Week 2 B1A

Why do we read Shakespeare´s plays 400 hundred years after his death?

Task 1

Looking for this answer they have worked with his biography and made a digital timeline  using a tool called HSTRY. We’ll share it with other classes and try to collaborate with them to make it more interesting and complete!


Task 2

Read this quote and think about its meaning. Can you explain what she meant with your own words?

"My only love sprung from my only hate"

 Now watch both balcony scenes and find similarities and differences between both movies.


Post ideas on this Padlet

Project Tasks Here


Monday, 19 September 2016

Romeo & Juliet Global anniversary project!

This year we are celebrating 400th anniversary of Shakespeare´s  death! Through this project, we are going to study Shakespeare's play "Romeo & Juliet" and share ideas with several classes around the world! Classes from the USA, the UK, Argentina. Time to learn and work guys!!

Romeo & Juliet around the world MAP

1) Who was William Shakespeare? 
Click HERE to find out.
This is a link to his timeline. Make yours on this CANVAS Group 1 or Canvas group 2 .

Links for Shakespeare: 

2)Watch the slideshare Difference bt prose and Drama .

3) Watch the videos below: 
Video 1
  Video 2
Video 3: Elements of drama

Our project's link: Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet blog .


 The play

  ROMEO AND JULIET :The animated tales Video

Our Canvas