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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Our first skype meeting for the year!

We met Steve Sherman! After asking some questions, we finally guessed that he's from Cape Town, South Africa!
Thank you very much Steve! It was great fun!

He also taught us a magic trick!

Monday, 28 October 2013

Peer Pressure!

A very interesting article about peer pressure and how it can affect us. In a positive or a negative way.

Click here to read it.
Play the game.
Do the quiz.
What do you say in these situations?

What have you learnt about peer pressure?

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Sunday, 6 October 2013

We are the champions!


      This is a true story, from a real person.

About fifty years ago, my family moved from Oklahoma to Texas after my dad was offered a position as pastor of a nice big church in Irving. At that point in my life moving to "the big city" was very exciting, since until then my days had been spent on the simple things found in rural small town USA... collecting turtles from the side of the road probably topped my list of most enjoyable activities.

Upon arrival in Texas, one of the first things that was done to keep us kids occupied was to join the local YMCA. Many great days were spent at the Y over the next several years, however not every experience was a good one.

One day when my brother and I were probably about 5 and 6 years old, it was decided we needed to learn to swim. Sounded great to us, so plans were made, and we anxiously awaited our first class.

That day arrived, and we all hopped in the car and drove to the YMCA. The instructor greeted us, and told the parents to be back in an hour. Little brother and I were led to the pool by this swimming teacher. As we stepped up next to the pool, without warning, this genius pushed me into the 10' deep end. I quickly found myself sinking directly to the bottom. Nothing I could think of to get myself back to the surface worked, and intense panic set in. About the time thoughts of drowning crossed my mind, the teacher jumped in and pulled me to safety.

Goes without saying, if I could get a hold of that instructor today, God knows what I might do to him. Because of his idiocy, I literally spent decades petrified of being in water more than chin deep. Yes, I learned to swim, but it was a chore for a person who could not float.

One day 25 years later, I was invited to "test drive" a new custom made sailboat. Not knowing what to expect, I was more than a little concerned when I got to the cold mountain lake in Utah, and was greeted by a "kit made" tiny boat... barely looked large enough to support me, let alone two of us. Asked the guy if he really knew what he was doing, and was assured he did. Of course, my first reaction was to back out, but these were my "macho" days, and ego wouldn't allow me to open myself up to ridicule.

Initially things went just fine, until a big gust hit us... out in the middle of this large lake. The boat basically fell apart around us. Within two minutes we were clinging to the remains dog paddling for our lives. Yes, we had life jackets on, but they just don't do a lot of good for me.

About the time I had begun to consider the possibility of drowning since my legs were losing their ability to kick from the cold and strength draining, a boat happened by. Not sure why the guy didn't haul us on board, but he did tie on to the remains of the sailboat and tow us in. That was the longest ten minutes of my life. Once on shore, my legs were toast, and I had to drag myself with my arms.

Strangely enough, I lost my horrific fear of the water that day. Funny what surviving a very harrowing event can do for the human mind.

Ordering Ideas:          Useful vocabulary:
 About ... (years) ago                   keep...occupied=keep busy
At that point(in my life)                 anxiously=impatiently
Until then                                      be led to=take(sb)somewhere
 One day when                              greet=say hello
 As                                                 intense=powerful
 At about that time                        it goes without saying=you can easily understand
 When                                           get a hold on(sb)=get (sb)
 Initially=at first                              petrified=very scared
Within...(two minutes)  chore=a task that needs to be done but it's not very pleasant
                                                      contribute=do my part
                                                     barely=almost not at all
                                                     reaction=act on something that is happening
                                                    back out=not do something
                                                    ridicule=embarrass very much
                                                      horrific=very scary

Now write your own sports story.