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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Shocking videos! The cruelty is unimaginable!

First let's learn the difference between the words we use! 
The threats ! Even more threats !
The animals that we have lost for ever!
What can be done to protect animals?
quiz about biodiversity!

Write about an endangered species!
Find information and photos. Upload them on your canvas.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Great Leaders!

Before these great leaders, people used to be treated unfairly!
Let's find out more!

Civil rights march!

Short Biographies of these Great leaders!

Mahatma Ghandhi!

Martin Luther King Jr.!


Nelson Mandela!


Let's take these quizzes to find out what we've learnt!
Quiz: Mahatma Gandhi
Quiz: Nelson Mandela
Quiz: Martin Luther King Jr.
Write about a great leader that inspires you!

Let's watch the video!

A lot of games!
A quiz!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Mystery Skype!

We asked a lot of questions and we finally guessed that they were from Canada! It was great meeting them!

Qualities of a leader!

Are you a leader? Take this quiz and find out!
Take this fun quiz to find out how similar is your personality to a famous leader!
In your opinion, what are the 5 most important qualities of a leader and explain why!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


“A family of mice were surprised by a big cat. Father Mouse jumped and and said, “Bow-wow!” The cat ran away. “What was that, Father?” asked Baby Mouse. “Well, son, that’s why it’s important to learn a second language.”-Submitted by BH LEE

Some general questions!

What is funny?

How can humour improve our everyday life?
Benefits of laughter!
How to laugh every day!
How to develop a sense of humor!

Do you have a sense of humour?
Sense of humour quiz!

Just for laughs!
Animal jokes!
Funny puns!
Funny Riddles!
English jokes!
Funny video!
Jokes and riddles!

What have you learnt?